That “Bad Client” List

Sometimes, clients joke on being on the “Bad Client” list. We don’t have one. Why? We don’t let your account get off track. We use weekly reports, regular meetings, and simple approval processes to keep the burden of managing your marketing squarely on our shoulders. Therefore, we treat each account as if it were our own business. So, everything, from timeline to budget, inspires us.

Example Playbooks

playbookReally Awesome Software Company has recently started and is seeking to increase the number of users they have. To achieve this, we have created a plan based around BDR calling, sales rep support, and webinars to attract customers. We plan to build landing pages to direct people to the site to sign up for a webinar, and then nurturing the leads that generated through the calling. After the initial set up, the main focus is to nurture leads to a qualified point.

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playbookFantastic Business is looking to get more people to attend their monthly events. For this campaign, we created an offer of an eBook and offered it to those who provide us their email address. To do this we will also need to create a landing page to capture this information. From there, we will be able to nurture those people through a series of automated emails with topics related to why they should attend the event. We will promote the offer in the months following the creation by placing pay-per-click ads on Google and Facebook. 

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Don’t Dread Executive Meetings

The difference between typical “marketing hell” and working with our group? We know how to get things done. We’ll work with you to make sure that you look good when you’re called on to report on a campaign’s process. Our iterative process allows you to keep moving forward and make adjustments as necessary. To ensure success, we implement analysis. So, we tweak and modify to improve as we move forward.


  • Keeping a project on track
  • Sticking to timelines
  • Staying in budget
  • Gaining approvals
  • Keeping everyone in the loop

Our process for execution allows us to keep all of these things in check. Additionally, our team has years of experience, with a wide variety of clients. For example, Leah Jones, one of our Account Coordinators, talks below about her #girlboss tricks for getting it done. Read her story to learn more.